Organizing PLC Conversations - April 2013

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Sample PLC Agenda 1 

Sample PLC Agenda 2

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To Do Items BEFORE Face to Face Training (these items will need to be submitted as proof for SCECHs):

  1. Identifying PLC Goals
    • Reflect on the current condition on PLCs in your building or district.  To what extent are PLCs guided by long or short term goals?
    • How might you see goal planning benefit your building?
    • What might be some school improvement goals that PLCs could tie their goals to?
  2. Identifying PLC Goal Assessments
    • Consider your current assessment calendar. What common assessments are available to help measure the PLC strategie's impact?
  3. Creating PLC Agendas
    • After reviewing the sample agendas above (or Googling "PLC Agenda Templates"), what features of a PLC agenda do you like?
    • Please bring examples of PLC Agendas you're considering.
  4. PLC Guiding Questions
    • What questions might guide the work of PLCs in your building?
    • To what extent are these questions tied to what teachers will need to know and do with data for their evaluation?

Face to Face Session Resources

Face to Face Session PowerPoint

A Tale of Excellence in Assessment Article

The Clothes Rubric

PLC Guiding Questions Wall

PLC Agenda Wall

Sample PLC Reports

Session Evaluation

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