Assessing Your Culture of Quality Data

The purpose of this activity is to get you thinking about what data collection is currently taking place within your building or district. The "Assessing Your Culture of Quality Data" guide will assist you in identifying what data is collected, when it's collected, who it impacts, and where it's stored. The document ranges from Nation and State-level standardized assessments to course-specific pre and post tests. I recommend, completing this document with a particular subject-area in mind. During the Data Journey, we want you to focus on a specific area in order to complete the data conferencing cycles with focus. As a result, I'd recommend

Assessing a Culture of Quality Data

Please click here to access the document (pictured above), complete the columns that are highlighted. During our face to face session we will complete the reminder of the document. The remainder of the document will help us focus our energies. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to download the document in order to enter your text. To do this select File > Download As. Please be sure to save it in a place you're familar with so you can access it on the day of the face to face. 

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