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I'd like to use this space to hear about how your data conversation with your Boot Camp partner went. I'm curious about:

  • what DataDirector assessment reports you brought to the conversation.
  • the depth of the conversation. Was it mostly surface level ("this percent of my kids were proficient")? Or did your conversation get into possible causes for proficiency/ non-proficiency? Did you discuss changes that were made / could be made based on the data?
  • what supports you need to make the data conversation go more smoothly.
  • what roadblocks you encountered.

Something to consider here as well could be the processes your district has in place for a data conversation. Is there a set protocol for these types of conversations? For example, do you start with a "What did you learn from your data?" type question or is it entirely lead by administration? I'm curious about this because the format of these types of conversations can be drastically different across buildings and districts.

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