Classroom Data Conversations

Now that you and a colleague are using DataDirector, you have the opportunity to discuss your data using the same tool. While DataDirector as a tool can help to display your data in similar ways, many educators still need assistance in starting the conversation about data.

Using the links below you will be able to sit in on data conferences at the Elementary, Middle, and High School level. While there conversations will not be the same as yours, it's important to note how these colleagues are discussing data. How are they phrasing their questions in non-threatening ways? How are they grouping kids by proficiency levels? Most importantly, how are they using the data to inform instruction?

Elementary Data Conferences

As you'll see in the picture below, there are several segments for Elementary Data Conferencing. I recommend looking at Part 2 if you are interested in how an individual data conference looks. Part 3 is a great example of a group data conference at the elementary level. Part 7 (at the 1:15 mark) is a great example of a teacher explaining how they grouped students based on data. Part 8 (at the :37 mark) describes how colleagues discuss kids who are on the verge of being proficient.

Middle School Data Conferences

Part 8 of the Middle School Data Conferencing series is a good example of how this educator plans to change their practice based on data.

High School Data Conferences

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