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by Cristina Eyre -
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This conversation took place with my office staff due to the timing of receiving the results. Overall, our conversation focused on the data we collected. We looked at the rankings for the following:

I am receiving a good education: 89% rated a 3 or 4

My teacher helps me learn new information: 94% rated a 3 or 4

I feel safe at school:82% rated a 3 or 4

I have worked hard while in school this year:  89% rated a 3 or 4

I understand how to study for a test or a quiz: 86% rated a 3 or 4

I read outside of my school assignments: 45% rated a 3 or 4

I believe the adults in the school like me: 69% rated a 3 or 4


Based on this information, we determined we need to look at if there was a pattern among grade levels, homeroom teachers, etc. A huge concern were questions 6 and 7.