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by Carrie Fisher - Thursday, May 24, 2012, 8:45 PM


I had the classroom assessment report for the pretest and post test of the math unit I taught when Leslie and I met.  At this time our conversation was pretty surface.  Leslie teaches second grade and I work with fifth.  The content was very different but we were both able to ask each other some clarifying questions based on the data.  I think doing the pretest itself made me more conscious of what areas were of greater concern.  Prior to this I hadn't used pretests very often and if I did, I had not put them into data director.  Leslie and I both saw that this was a good way to look at the data, especially for me because I am so visual. 

Time was definitley a roadblock since we do not have a common planning time.  We have had some experience with data conversations because our our coaching with the ISD however I think more practice in this area will help us and our students grow.