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by Bobbi VanWormer - Saturday, May 19, 2012, 1:43 PM

I discussed my Weather Observations assessment with my partner. We discussed the surface items such as how many could draw the weather and how many did not label. But we also discussed why that is. Most of my students will label their observations in other science settings WITH REMINDERS. They have never been independent at that. We discussed how we could be more purposeful about labeling. One thing we decided we could do is at the beginning of the year when we are teaching routines, make labeling a part of all the academics. After students have drawn an observation, finished a math problem, written a story, using content vocabulary lists that the students cut out and glue onto their paper...essentially labeling their work.

My partner and I didn't really encounter any roadblocks or "unsmoothness' since we discuss our data every week (if not more often). I feel we need to get better at breaking each piece of data down more and seeing who did better at which piece, then divide and conquer.