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by Leslie Welker - Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 11:09 PM

Carrie and I both had data from math pre-tests we gave.  I brought my classroom standards performance report.  We mostly discussed the reasons why we thought our students performed the way they did.  Both of us have already taught the math unit and gave the post-test, so we talked about what we did during the unit and how the kids performed on the post-test.  

Our main roadblock was time.  We are familar with data conferences, because our school implemented them at the team level this year.  We have scheduled data team meetings during our common planning times.  Carrie and I teach different levels, so we don't have that built-in common planning time.  Finding time to meet was difficult (that is why we had to ask for an extention!).  These data team meetings are currently led by our CISD literacy coaches.  Our prinicipal is not really involved in these meetings.  The hope is that we move into having these conferences on our own, and not only when our coach schedules them.  I hope this happens.  I definitly see the benefit of these intentional conversations.