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Week three

Week three

by Andrea Read -
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I administered a test that was multiple choice and short answer. The test was only ten questions. The responses were hand written. Next time, I would like to have a bubble sheet so I can practice using that system. I have procrastinated learning more about bubble sheets because I typically have five students at a time. However, it would be great if I could assist the general education teachers in learning how to use the bubble sheets. The test went well. Like I said before, I need to learn more about using bubble sheets. I do not feel like more training is needed. Instead, I need to use this system a few more times to become more comfortable with it. If anything, I need the self disciple to use Data Director.
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Re: Week three

by Mitch Fowler -

Ha... great point! Using DataDirector is certainly a change in practice. You are not the only one who would like help learning how to scan. As I've said in other posts, I think I'll put together a video that covers this. Well done!