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Week Three DataDirector Assessment

Week Three DataDirector Assessment

by Cynthia Schofield -
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First, a huge thank-you to Emily Subers for helping me create a class list and the bubble sheet.  The knowledge is still not mine.  However, it will be easier next time.  Also, next time I want to attach my standards to the answer sheet as the information will be useful when creating reports.  The standards were attached to my assessment, but I didn't realize that I needed to attach them to the answer sheet as well.  I filled in the bubble sheet as I gave the pre-test several weeks ago.  I can already see the wonderful visual I will have when I eventually give my post-test.  I too would like to know how to test on-line and I am wondering if I can attach the testing to my powerschool grades?  Well, nothing more to say except I am glad it is Friday.

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Re: Week Three DataDirector Assessment

by Mitch Fowler -

Amen to it being Friday! I love what you said about the standards. You are correct, adding them to the Answer Sheet will add a new dimention to your visuals.

In terms of online testing, I am offering a webinar on it this Tuesday. You are more than welcome to join. Feel free to email me for registration information. If not, you can watch the video here (it's pretty much the training I'll be doing).

There are options for getting the scores into PowerSchool. I'm looking at that as a potential training for next year. More info to follow!