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Week 3 -- Assessment Administration

Week 3 -- Assessment Administration

by Leslie Welker -
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I decided to give a pre-test for the new Everyday Math unit my class was starting.I haven't given a pre-test in Everyday Math before.  The kids were not thrilled with having to take the pre-test.  I told them it would be fun to look at the post-test to see how much they had learned during the unit.  The pre-test also helped the kids see how the learning targets would come into play. 

I hand-scored the eight question test and manually entered the data into Data Director.  I am most comfortable manually entering scores, because that is what I have done in the past.  I would like to use bubble sheets at some point and learn how to scan them. 

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Re: Week 3 -- Assessment Administration

by Mitch Fowler -

Way to go Leslie! I'm glad you bit off what you could chew. This is a great place to start (8 questions and manual entry). I have to tell you, you gave me an idea for a new tutorial! I would like to put a video together on how to scan. This video would be more than just my computer screen as I would need to also video tape me using the scanner. Thanks!