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DD Assessment

DD Assessment

by Amy Rizor -
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I gave the assessment I created on Data Director on Wednesday. I have not gotten a chance to run the bubble sheets through the scanner yet. I plan to do that early this week. I will have to recruit some help to make sure I do that part correctly. I think I have helpers lined up.

I have looked at the answers though. The test was 10 questions, nine were multiple choice and one was a short answer requiring a rubric.

I realized as the the students were taking it that I should have attached another standard to it. One that requires students to cite details from the text to support their answers. This was what the tenth question, the rubric question, was all about. It was still about plot, but it was applying the plot to the book we are reading. This is isn't really important for the students to see on the test, but for my knowledge.  Though, I think that I would write the standards on the Word document form of the test for the students next time.