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DD Assessment

DD Assessment

by Kathleen Davidson -
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I actually decided to use my reading pre and midterm tests to refelct upon for my data director assessments.  I gave my first reading pretest at the beginning of the semester. I gave another reading assessment halfway through the semester as a midterm assessment to assess where the students are currently at and to see where I need to help.  The assessment is an ACT style reading assessment.  It is 10 multiple choice questions.  The students used the bubble sheets to answer on.  Everything went really well.  I believe that the reason I didn't run into any issues is because I have done some data director training in the past.  I knew how to scan the sheets and input the data correctly.  One issue I had was that I had to reallign the scanner so that it scanned correctly.  I believe that training that people may be with using the scanner.  It is confusing the first time you use it.  I have helped a few other teachers with this process and believe this could be something we could do during a planning period pd.

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Re: DD Assessment

by Mitch Fowler -

Awesome idea! You are right on, troubleshooting scanning was something I've learned the most about since my trip to the ISD. You mentioned the calibrating the scanner before you started - this is certainly a best practice and can eliminate tons of issues. Nice job!