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Week One

Week One

by Amy Rizor -
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I currently post my learning targets, though I call them objectives and usually try to state them prior to starting the day's lesson. I really like the idea of calling them learning targets. It really seems more student friendly. With only about 30 days left of the school year, I will start using the phrase learning targets next year and probably go buy a target from Meijer.

I always try to take a very standards based approach to my teaching and assessment. This was my first year in the district, so I have spent a great deal of time learning the curriculum, next year I plan to do more standards based assessments since I will be more familiar with the curriculum. It is something I am passionate about, so the roadblocks seems small.

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Re: Week One

by Mitch Fowler -

Great point about this being your first year in the district... I always thought teaching was extra tough because you have to go through an entire year before you completely do your job  once. It's hard to figure out which standards may be worthy of being turned into learning targets if you've only taught them once.