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Assessment Reflection

Assessment Reflection

by Bobbi VanWormer -
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The assessment I choose to administer was kind of a mix of question types. Students were asked to draw and label the current weather using their senses; what they saw, heard, and felt. The rest of the test consisted of 5 sentence frames concerning cloud cover, wind, precipitation, and reading a thermometer and rain guage with some accuracy. I hand entered the scores into Data Director since for 1st grade I would have to fill in the bubbles myself anyway if I wanted it to scan correclty.

This assessment was used as a check to see how students were doing with the daily weather observations so students were familiar with the format. They knew exaclty what to do on the text with little help or reminders from me. Unlike other assessments for 1st graders, where I often have to repeat the questions and/or directions simply because they can't read it themselves.

Next time I give this assessment I will make sure I have another adult available. Once students finished, I really had nothing else for them to do and they all finished at different times. Another adult would eliminate me having to monitor those that are finished. Or, I could do this assessment in small groups, while the other adult does something with the rest of the class.

Another thing I would do differently is to have a thermometer for each of the students. We used one larger thermometer and took turns. This took a little longer than I would have liked.

All in all, I think the assessment went very well. I don't believe I need any more training to administer this assessment. We'll see how I feel after I begin to analyze it.