7thGrade Science topics includes a survey on the scientific processes, Earth, Life, and Physical science concepts.

Biology is the study of living organisms. In Mr. Jahn's Biology class, students will cover topics in: Organization & Development of Living Systems, Interdependence of Living Systems & the Environment, Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity.

Chemistry is the study of matter and changes among matter. In Mr. Jahn's Chemistry Class, students will cover topics in: forms of energy, energy transfer & conservation, properties of matter, and changes in matter.

Earth Science is the study of physical geography concepts that relate to Earth. Students will cover topics in geology, weather, astronomy, and processes that change the Earth’s surface.

Environmental Science studies the physical and biological concepts of the environment in which it involves the academic areas of biology, chemistry, and demography as it relates to the interactions of humans and the environment. Students will cover topics in environmental quality, plant systems, human resources, conservation, pollution, and ecosystems.