DataDirector in the Non Core Areas

Welcome to the DataDirector in the Non-Core Areas Homepage!

Directions for the course:

  1. Watch the Introduction Videos that can be found here and here.
  2. Using the questions from Part 1 of the video (beginning at 5:11), determine what assessment will best fit your needs.
  3. Create an assessment that fits your needs.
  4. Share the assessment with me. For instructions on sharing assessments, view the video here.
  5. Complete the Course Reflection below.
  6. Join us in the Adobe Connect Room on October 4th from 3:30-4:30. For directions on connecting, please click here.

Course Resources


Using DataDirector to Show Student Growth Series

Creating Answer Sheet Assessments with Analytic Rubrics

Creating a Summary Assessment

Monitoring Notes in DataDirector

Sample Performance Assessment Rubric

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